A parent listened in to my AP government Zoom session and here’s what happened…

Well, this was strange. I’m teaching my AP government class through Zoom and we’re discussing bias in the news. Near the end of the session students start asking about what news sources they should explore.

Then I get an email from a student who writes, “My mom is listening in to our session as we are talking about news bias. She sent me this image from her phone.”

This has never happened before– without even me knowing it, a parent sits in my class, listens in on the lesson and then actively participates by sending a resource over her phone to her child who then sends it to me.

So this adds quite a dimension to remote learning!

I shared the image with the rest of the class and students were very appreciative. The concept of having parents involved in class this way is pretty exciting. But, then, the very same thought produces a sense of terror. Does this mean that everything I say might be monitored by parents? What if I say something that is misinterpreted? What if a parent wants me to share something that I know is untrue or inappropriate?

At this point, I’m not sure just what to think about this. One thing is for sure– the fact that what we are teaching is being broadcast into people’s living rooms creates a fresh pile of energizing challenges for our profession.

Has anybody else had a similar experience? Reply and share what happened.

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